Of Sigil and the Sea — The Ditch


Map of the Ditch, from "Of Sigil and the Sea", Polyhedron #137I was lucky enough to have a Planescape article accepted by Polyhedron Magazine.  Entitled “Of Sigil and the Sea“, it was published in issue #137.  Imagine my delight when I saw an accompanying map draw by the illustrious Rob Lazzaretti, cartographer of many of the actual campaign setting’s poster maps.  Wizards of the Coast posted a color version of the map on their “Map of the Week” page for the date of 12/20/2001.


Planescape Timeline v1.1 – Post Faction War

Planescape Timeline v1.1 – Post-Sigil

Planescape Timeline v1.1 – Pre-Sigil

Planescape Timeline v1.1 – The Beginning