Planescape Timeline v1.1 – Post Faction War

The Beginning Pre-Sigil Post-Sigil Post Faction War
Intro Calendar      Great Upheaval Key

A Chronology of the Factions and the Planes

by William James Cuffe

Version 1.1 

     Planescape is a setting of grand scope.  Tasks of herculean proportions, mythical events of universe-shattering importance are part of the settings very nature.  As such, most events are given only vague, loose assignment in the grand scheme of things.  These monolithic events dwarf the mental scope of mankind, defying the intuitive need of man to pin things down. 

     The purpose of this timeline is not to include every minutia of data ever presented in the Planescape line.  Some dates are too nebulous — “long ago”, “in a time before measure”, and so on.  While the Council has tried to include as much information as possible, we have purposely not made up concrete dates for obvious dates, such as the birth of Erin Montgomery, the creation of Sigil, or the first appearance of the Lady of Pain.  What this chronology is meant to accomplish is give the individual an insight into the relationships of the events as they happened across the planes: how the cyclic passing of the Great Modron March corresponds to the rise and fall of the Factions, how interwoven the Kriegstanz is in the daily affairs of planar life, etc.

     The Post-Faction War Project utilizes Ken Lipka’s Sigilian Calendar as the official method of naming months and days.  Official dating of years in the Planescape setting was specifically given, though rarely utilized.  When something happens doesn’t matter so much in the planes as what happened, to whom, and what did they believe.  The year is usually titled as a certain year in the Administration of the Fraternity of Order’s Factol, currently Haskar.  From that we have a range of 130 years with solid dates.  Before that, while we may know who the Guvner’s factol was, we don’t know how long she reigned.  So, I have simply made anything before Haskar’s Inauguration the “B.C.” of the setting.  After Haskar’s death in his 130th year of office, the Factions were ejected from Sigil.  We have begun a new method of dating — Years since the Faction War.

     The current date is Year 2 PFW — Post Faction War.  The Guilds and Sects are scrambling to fill the power vacuum left by the Lady’s Edict and the Faction Exodus.  Life on the planes is about to get very interesting, indeed…

“All rings have a beginning…
the moment they are forged.”
–the deva known as Unity-of-Rings

1 Post Faction War
Month of Regulus
Month of Accordant
Month of Retributus
Month of Narciss
      Warriors of Heaven

            Lady Zvestra replaces the retiring Duke Windheir as the avoral represntative among Prince Talisid’s Five Companions. (WoH)
            Devil’s Deal
                  Seraphistus, an aasimar thief trades the mace Malefactor to the gelugon Felgelor for a mirror of life-trapping containing the soul of an asuras warrior named Vembra Moonflame.(WoH:DD)
Month of Tithing
Month of Savorus
Month of The Pivot
Month of Catechism
Month of Sacrilegion
Month of Nihilum
Month of Mortis
      Guide to Hell

Month of Decadre
Month of Capricous
        The Tower Sorcerous, headquaters of the faction known as the Incanterium, again appears, but this time battered and abandoned.  It immediately collapses, breaking into three parts.

  2 Post Faction War
Month of Regulus
      Vortex of Madness

            Zellor, a githyanki knight believing herself to be the re-incarnation of Gith, begins a revolt against the Lich Queen Vlaakith from within the Citadel of Gith Reborn. (VoM)
Month of Accordant
Month of Retributus
Month of Narciss
Month of Tithing
Month of Savorus
      Die Vecna, Die!

            Vecna escapes form his imprisonment on the Demiplane of Dread.  By diluting his recently enhanced divinity spark among a dozen parts of this original dessicated body, he circumvents the ban against Powers in the City of Doors and arrives in Sigil.  He heads straight towards the ruins of the Armory where he holes up, causing chaos in the Cage equivalent to that of the Faction War only a year and a half ago. (DVD)
Month of The Pivot
Month of Catechism

Month of Sacrilegion
Month of Nihilum
Month of Mortis
Month of Decadre
Month of Capricous
      Tempest Day: Similar to the Day of Grace, every four years, an extra day is added to the calendar to keep it in sync with the prime.  This time, all portals in Sigil are locked open, needing no gate key to use them.

497 Post Faction War       The Four Doors open. (DttU)       The Second Door appears in the Lower Ward, inside the Temple of Hades. (DttU, FW)

“I’ve done this all before, and will do it all again.
I will repeat history until I get it right.”
— the rilmani known as Center-of-All

      Abbreviations/Dating Key:

   Planescape            2 Post Faction War
   Birthright                2041 MA, 1527 HC, or 554 MR
   Dark Sun                Free Year 15, or Mountain’s Defiance of the 190th Kings Age
   Forgotten Realms 1371 Dale Reckoning, Year of the Unstrung Harp, or 13 Present Reckoning.
   Ravenloft               754


       DG            Dead Gods

       DS             The Deva Spark

       DttU           Doors to the Unknown

       EB              The Eternal Boundary

       FM              Factol’s Manifesto

       FW              Faction War

       FoD             Fires of Dis

       GttAP          Guide to the Astral Plane

       GttEP          Guide to the Ethereal Plane

       H:tBW         Hellbound: The Blood War

       HH              Harbinger House

       ItC:GtS        In the Cage: Guide to Sigil

       OHG            On Hallowed Ground

       PGttO          Player’s Guide to the Outlands

       PH               Planewalker’s Handbook

       PoC             Planes of Conflict

             Planes of Law

             Planes of Chaos

         Planescape Campaign Setting

       Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix

     Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix 2

     Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix 3

              Something Wild

            Tales from the Infinite Staircase

            TSR Jam 1999

            Well of Worlds

   PLANESCAPE Video Games
       P:T           Planescape: Torment
   PLANESCAPE Collectible Card Game
       BW:CCG             Blood Wars: Collectible Card Game
       BW:CCG:F&F     Blood Wars: Collectible Card Game: Factols & Factions
       BW:CCG:P&P     Blood Wars: Collectible Card Game: Powers & Proxies
       BW:CCG:R&R    Blood Wars: Collectible Card Game: Rebels & Reinforcements
   RPGA Planescape Adventures
       AG:M                Adventurer’s Guild: The Menagerie
       RPGA:C           RPGA: Cutters
       RPGA:HoEE    RPGA: Heirs of Elemental Evil
       RPGA:PP         RPGA: The Poison Pen
       RPGA:SoF       RPGA: A Summoning of Fiends
   Magazine Articles
       D55           Dungeon #55 “Umbra”
       D60           Dungeon #60 “Nemesis”
       D72           Dungeon #72 “Deep Trouble in Telthin”
       P127          Polyhedron #127 “The Day of Grace”
       P137          Polyhedron #137 “Of Sigil and the Sea”
   Planar Products
       MC8          Monster Compendium Vol. 8
       DVD          Die Vecna, Die!
       GtH           Guide to Hell
       VoM           Vortex of Madness
       WoH          Warriors of Heaven
       WoH:DD    Warriors of Heaven: Devil’s Deal
       WoH:Q      Warriors of Heaven: Quesar
   Other Settings
       BR:CS          BIRTHRIGHT Campaign Setting
       DS:BS           DARK SUN: Black Spine
       DS:CbtSS     DARK SUN: City by the Silt Sea
       FR:FD&D      FORGOTTEN REALMS: For Duty & Diety
       FR:CS2         FORGOTTEN REALMS: Campaign Setting 2nd Edition
       GH:RttToH   GREYHAWK: Return to the Tomb of Horrors
       GH:Q1          GREYHAWK: Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits
       RL:DoD         RAVNELOFT: Domains of Dread
       RL:tNL          RAVENLOFT: The Nightmare Lands
       SJ:tAC          SPELLJAMMER: The Astromundi Cluster

“No history is more accurate
than the force that governs it…”
— A stubborn Indep
debating with an even more stubborn Modron


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