Of Sigil and the Sea — The Ditch


Map of the Ditch, from "Of Sigil and the Sea", Polyhedron #137I was lucky enough to have a Planescape article accepted by Polyhedron Magazine.  Entitled “Of Sigil and the Sea“, it was published in issue #137.  Imagine my delight when I saw an accompanying map draw by the illustrious Rob Lazzaretti, cartographer of many of the actual campaign setting’s poster maps.  Wizards of the Coast posted a color version of the map on their “Map of the Week” page for the date of 12/20/2001.


5 thoughts on “Of Sigil and the Sea — The Ditch

  1. Tragically, Polyhedron #137 is very difficult to track down. Can’t find any selling on eBay right now. What would be very valuable would be a summary of the major points of the scenario… to sate the ravenous appetites of Planescape collectors until such time as they can each successfully lay claim to that issue.

    • I would have pointed you to the Planewalker.com site’s database, where they had collected Planescape information from nearly every official source ever produced, but it seems they had a crash and no longer have that function available to the public. The highpoints were pretty directly incorporated into the map. Boiled down, the Ditch is used as an aquatic trade route thanks to a special portal near the edge of Sigil called the Bridge that Spans Worlds. The bridge was constructed by a Pre-Upheaval faction called the Forgesmiths. Taker’s Loch is controlled by the Takers, and is used to tax incoming goods. The Industrial Stitches is the pier portion, where the taxed goods get unloaded, sorted, and prepped to be picked up by the appropriate purchaser. It wasn’t so much a scenario, as an excuse to have sea-faring hooks available to Sigil based campaigns.

      • Oh neat! It’s funny I was recently thinking about two Sigil-located taverns, “Black Sail” and “Styx Oarsman” referenced in modules (old and new). Both have “sea-faring” themes associated with them in some way, but there was (previously to my knowledge) no actual reason for “sailors” in Sigil. Your adventure would be a good answer to this question I think… looking forward to eventually laying my hands on it, and this shall be my quest. Thanks for the explanation William!

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