Damage Control Company – Talos

The Missing Dynamic

When I submitted Heirs of Elemental Evil to the RPGA, they asked of just one change.  For a writer, a single edit on a project is a pretty rare occourance.  Usually there are many small details that need to be altered before acceptance by an editor. Unfortunately that single change was to delete the relationship between the Player Characters Talos and Hound.  I can understand their reasoning, and didn’t fight them on their request.

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RPGA Adventures – Heirs of Elemental Evil

In 1997, TSR published Polyhedron #126, and therein ran a one page advertisement for the “RPGA Network Adventure Design Contest `97”.  The RPGA was a part of TSR that concentrated on producing and running adventures for the company’s game lines at conventions, both locally and nationally.  They maintained the ongoing Living Campaigns (after which this blog derives its name),  as well a more one shot adventures.  The purpose of the contest was to generate some new encounters for the voracious fans of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, and I took them up on the challenge. However, there were some preliminary rules to which submissions had to adhere:

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